Is There Something Missing
In Your Singing?

“I am thrilled to have found you and I’m so excited about where my voice is going. My mix is stronger than ever and I know it’s because of your technique and exercises. Thank you!!!”


Sutton Foster – 2 Time Tony Award Winner

  • Your Inner Singer is your beliefs, habits, patterns, programming and stories about you and your voice.
  • It’s your self-talk. Is yours positive or negative? Would you let someone else talk to you the way your Inner Singer does?
  • It’s your vocal GPS. It can guide you to your full potential or it can sabotage your singing and performing without you even knowing it’s there.
  • It’s what gives you the confidence to soar on your high notes
  • Your Inner Singer guides you to the right teacher and technique – or the wrong one!
  • It can be your best friend onstage…or not.

What Clients Say

What makes the Inner Singer so different?

Most voice teachers teach voice – period. Technique, technique and more technique!

After 26 years in the voice business, I know that your Mindset – the way you “set” your mind – your beliefs, habits, programming and behaviors – is the most important part of your singing. It’s your conscious and especially unconscious beliefs that can derail your singing progress or take you to greatness. (to Kate: You can break it here and have the rest be in the drop down as per StoryBrand and the video I made you).

That’s why all my students, whether pros or aspiring pros, recording artists or hobbyists, movie stars, Broadway stars or anyone who just wants to sing better, have to get their mind “set right” so that everything else flows freely and naturally. Whatever your level.

This may come as a surprise, but there’s no secret to good technique. It’s easy and predictable if you’re willing to focus and do what it takes. I know you probably feel like your vocal challenges are very unique to you, (I was totally the same way) but I can assure you that they are most likely very normal things that are easy to correct. For instance:

  • Releasing tension: EASY*
  • Building strong high notes: EASY*
  • Mastering breathing and support: EASY*
  • Strengthening your Mix: EASY*
  • Coordinating/balancing bridges: EASY*
  • Creating an Inner Singer that supports you: EASY*

* Yes, these are all easy if – you know what the steps are and you’re willing to take them.

And, you do them in the right order.

The recipe is very important …just ask anyone who’s ever baked a cake. (-:

The cool thing about these steps is that they too are easy and mostly fun! Come on this is singing not digging a ditch in Arizona in the summer time! Smile, you can do this!

Yes we do have fun around here. (-:

Inner Life

After nearly 30 years in the voice business, I have discovered that our Inner Life is the most important part of singing. That’s why everything we do at the Inner Singer is fueled by nourishing our Inner Life.

Authentic Performance

Authentic performance is the second most important component of singing. This is the ability to be private in public. It is being present with yourself first, and then being present with your song in performance.

Singing Technique

It may seem funny to list technique as the third most important component of singing, but it is! The truth is that mastering singing technique only allows you to achieve a minimum level of competence with your voice.


Listen to this live talk:

Allow yourself to “EXPERIENCE” a whole new world of possibilities…

By experiencing rather than performing, you allow yourself to create an honesty and vulnerability that is very powerful and compelling for your audience, and amazingly joyful for you!

  • Gain CONFIDENCE in your singing and “performing”
  • Reach your HIGHEST singing potential in ALL WAYS
  • LOVE your voice NOW
  • Sing from FEELING, and get out of your head
  • And like the video thumbnail to the left – HAVE FUN!