Is There Something Missing
In Your Singing?

Sing from the Inside Out!

Singing is a way for you to go DEEPER inside yourself and be present with the most AUTHENTIC part of YOU!

The Inner Singer

Your Inner Singer is your beliefs, habits, patterns, wiring and stories about you and your voice. Many times these are supportive and act almost like a GPS leading you almost magically toward your singing potential and career opportunities. The opposite can also be true. Sometimes your unconscious beliefs and stories will seem to sabotage your singing and performing efforts. The challenge is that these beliefs and stories operate mainly below the level of your conscious awareness so you don’t even know they’re there. You just see and feel the results. My passion at The Inner Singer is to provide you with tools and techniques that will help you shift these negative, non-supportive beliefs and stories so you can sing and perform with joy and be the magnificent artist you dream to be!


After nearly 30 years in the voice business, I have discovered that our Mindset – the way we “set” our mind – our beliefs, habits and behaviors – is the most important part of singing. It’s our conscious and especially unconscious beliefs that can derail our singing progress. That’s why everything I do is fueled by supporting your Inner Singer. The right Mindset – a supportive Inner Singer, is what all great singers have in common. This will even beat out a better technique!


Authentic performance is the ability to be private in public. It is being present with yourself first, and then being present with your song in performance. It’s the ability to have an “experience” rather than just a “give a performance”. Great performers have an unmistakable joy in their singing. As an audience you can feel it. This is the performers Inner Singer shining through. When our beliefs, habits and patterns are supporting our singing, great performances just happen!

Singing Technique

The truth is that mastering singing technique only allows you to achieve a minimum level of competence with your voice. There are plenty of singers with great technique, however, without the proper Mindset – Inner Singer – here’s what can happen: You won’t like your voice, you’re afraid to sing or be onstage, you don’t think you’re as good as you are, you sabotage your career opportunities…and the list goes on. It’s the singers who have their Inner Singer on their side that succeed!

Reach Your Full Potential!

The Inner Singer offers you tools and techniques that will strengthen all aspects of your singing.

From the inside out…

Discover the beliefs, wiring, patterns and programs that are holding you, your singing and your performing back –
so you can shift them and achieve your potential!

What about technique?

You need a vocal technique that will allow you to be spontaneous, confident, and enthusiastic about your singing!
Hit your high notes easily with unique and amazing tone quality. If your Inner Singer is working against you, this is almost impossible. If it’s on your side, the sky is the limit!

What about performing?

You need to perform. This means you need to connect – first with yourself and then with your music.
Connecting with your audience will be the result and they’ll love the authentic you! When your unconscious beliefs are congruent with your singing dreams, your Inner Singer is on your side. That’s when your performance is authentically YOU!

Now you can achieve your dreams!

Now you’re unstoppable!

What Clients Say


Watch this live talk:

Allow yourself to “EXPERIENCE” a whole new world of possibilities…

By experiencing rather than performing, you allow yourself to create an honesty and vulnerability that is very powerful and compelling for your audience, and amazingly joyful for you!

  • Gain CONFIDENCE in your singing and “performing”
  • Reach your HIGHEST singing potential in ALL WAYS
  • LOVE your voice NOW
  • Sing from FEELING, and get out of your head
  • And like the video thumbnail to the left – HAVE FUN!



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